This project has been an experiment to see what would happens if I invited 52 new people into my life.

I’ve been writing about what I’ve learned along the way, now it’s time to start talking about what’s happening because of these cups.

A gift from August Crabtree

For example:

During my conversation with August Crabtree—Cup Three—we discussed our mutual interest in photography. Since our conversation, he’s run into my mother a handful of times and always asks how I am doing at school. The last time he stopped into the library, he brought a photograph he had taken and framed for me as a gift: 

It was a kind—and completely unexpected—gesture that now sits on my desk reminding me of our memorable conversation and my great trip home to Wyoming this summer.

At the Creole Gallery in Old Town, Lansing

After learning about the Peppermint Creek Theatre Company during Cup 12 with Chad Badgero,Founder & Artistic Director of the Company, I was excited to attend one of their shows.

A few weeks ago, my friend Meredith and I went to see Reasons to Be Pretty, the latest performance by the theatre company. We both enjoyed the show and when the next show opens in late January, I’ll be there. It’s a nice change of pace from my typical Thursday night routine.

These are two examples of changes that have happened since this project has started. There are others, which is why I’m going to start posting short updates when something interesting happens. Just a quick story here or there.

Until then, thanks for reading! You guys have made this project a lot fun.