Thank You

Before I post Cup 52 I want to take a moment to say thank you. 

This may have been “one girl’s experiment” but it was anything but a solo venture. The beauty of this project comes from the wonderful people that have been a part of it. 

From the 52 people willing to sit down and share their stories with me to the readers that kept me writing during the days I really didn’t want to write; you have made a profound difference in my life. And to my wonderful friends with unwavering encouragement, fantastic recommendations, and much-needed advice; please know I couldn’t have done this without you. 

Of course, I’m not done yet. I’ve still got Cup 52 to post this week. 

But I couldn’t finish the project without taking a moment to say, 

Thank you. 

It might just be two little words, but those two words hold a whole lot of love and appreciation.