Nomad Life, Again

I’ve been more quiet than I’d like to be here at 52 Cups.

I’ve been drinking lots of coffee with some amazing folks but I’m slow to post. Why? I’ve jumped back into nomadic lifestyle (I spent 14 months traveling after college), which I had planned on when I quit my job: 9 cites in November, 8 countries in December and January.


(Proof of Travel) 

I love being on the road and experiencing the unknowns and oddities of constantly being in new place. I like throwing out the routine and rhythm of normal life and replacing it with curiosity and sense of adventure for what each unique day will bring—especially when the travel involves friends or family.

The downside of travel is that I always overestimate my ability to carve out space and time to write. Travel opens so many doors for interesting conversation and most times I opt for new conversation (or adventure) over writing.

For a bit I was beating myself up about not hitting my goal of posting each Thursday like I had planned until an insightful conversation helped me see the importance of striving for Thursday posts but being compassionate for the weeks where the posts are a bit delayed due to travel. In 2014, when I’m back to having a home and a more-normal routine, I can set my efforts to regular posting. Until then, I’m going to embrace the adventure and post as often as I can in the process.

So here’s the rundown:

I’m currently in Australia(!), learning to scuba dive and soaking in a new culture I’ve never experienced. Then I’m off to Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos and Thailand with a quick layover in Tokyo before returning to San Francisco January 19th!


A major takeaway in so many of my coffee conversations has been: travel while you’re young and I’m doing my best to follow that advice!

Expect some posts along the way and a regular content schedule in 2014. And have a wonderful holiday!