Look Ma, I'm Published!

Nearly a year and a half ago I received an email calling for stories from young college graduates to share with U Chic. I responded to the email saying I had plenty of stories to share and ended up writing them a short piece about what I learned through 52 Cups.

I had forgotten about the contribution until a few weeks ago when they let me know that I’d been selected as a contributor to their latest book: U Chic’s Diploma Diaries: The chic Grad’s Guide to Work, Love, and Everything in Between. The book is chalk-full of advice on navigating the real world, new jobs, health, happiness, relationships and more.  


I looked forward to getting my hands on a published copy and pleasantly surprised when I discovered I was the first story in the first chapter. Page 3! 


After spending time reading various entries, it’s clear this is a helpful book for any young woman navigating the roller coaster of post-college life and I’m honored that I was able to be a part of it.