Sent: October 11, 2010 12:35 PM

To: Denise Busley

Side note: This was a follow-up to an email introduction between our mutual friend, Scott Westerman. 

Hi Denise,

First of all, I want to let you know how much I enjoy Grand Traverse Pie, between the oatmeal, great coffee, and fireplace, I am there frequently!

Our group of young ladies would love to have you join us for a meeting! We meet every other Thursday morning at 7 am. However, we could very easily schedule a meeting based around your schedule and when you are in town again.

Also, I would love to meet with you for my 52 Cups of Coffee project. Each week for a year, I am meeting with someone new and writing about what I learn in the process. Again, I can be flexible to a time that works well for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Received: October 18, 2010, at 1:10 PM

Hi Megan, so nice to receive your e-mail last week. I realize this is late notice, however, Mike and I are on our way to Detroit for a function this evening and will be in East Lansing for a bit of time tomorrow morning. I was wondering if perhaps you might have time to meet?  I know for certain I will be back in town on the 19th of November (as we will be going to the game on Sat.). Let me know if either of these days might work for you.

With Warm Regards,

Denise Busley


Cup 14: Denise Busley

Friday, October 19th / Grand Traverse Pie Company / 10:00 AM