Received: December 8, 2010 12:39:54 PM

From: Brett Kopf

To: Sam Rosen, Megan Gebhart

Sam-congrats on the full launch. Say hi to Meg, a friend & blogger.

She’s still a student at MSU, started 52cups and is on quite the roll. She’ll be in Chi & thought you’d be a great person to interview…she’ll be here tomorrow-Sunday, hope you guy’s find time to connect!



Received: December 9, 2010 6:09:50 PM

From: Sam Rosen

To: Megan Gebhart

Hey Megan,

I’d love to chat! Tomorrow before 12 is open or after 2. Also I am open on Sunday. Looking forward to it!


Cup 20: Sam Rosen

Sunday, December 12th / Lovely, a bake shop / 2:00 PM