Cups 51 and 52 are on the way!


I promise

I’ve already done the drinking. Now I just have to do the writing. 

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, which has made writing harder than usual. But that’s not the real reason behind the delayed posts. I’ve come down with a case of Writer’s Block, which is inconvenient considering I’m so close to the end. 

I suppose it makes sense. This project has meant so much to me that it’s hard to see it go and I want to make sure I give it an adequate farewell. I want the last two cups to be good enough for all the people that have followed me through this journey. However that’s stopping me from writing anything, which simply won’t do. 

Leave it to Cup 38, author Seth Godin, to help me realize this. He writes an amazing blog and this is one of my favorite posts

With that—I’m going to get these two posts finished and upload them shortly. Thank you for your patience and, as always, your support.