Confessions of a Recovering Nomad

If you follow me over at or on Twitter, you know that the past year and a half has been a wild nomadic adventure for me. The stories I heard and friendships I made during the process of 52 Cups motivated me to trust my gut, give up the job search and just travel. A two-month European adventure turned into a year of rent-free living where I averaged being in a new city every four days. 

It was a fantastic adventure, but it’s time for me to make a long overdue announcement. 

There’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just say it outright: 

             I moved. 

             To an apartment.  

             In a city. 

That means that my days of nomadic living have come to an end (at least for the time being, anyways). 

I moved to San Francisco in late July and you’re probably thinking, What!? You’re just now writing about this? I know, I know. I should have said something about it sooner but I couldn’t bring myself to write the post.  

Not because I’m sad about the move. I fell in love with San Francisco three years ago and after visiting 75 cities in the past year I know there is no other city I would rather be in full-time. I held off talking about it because telling the world I’d moved made it official. A blog post was my way of ending a chapter of my life—the nomad chapter—and it’s always hard to let go of something wonderful. 

But in my heart, I knew it was time to change directions. 

I have some big goals on my to-do list that I kept putting off because the roller coaster of constant travel was too exhilarating.

I decided in June that it was time to put down some roots and started a job search in San Francisco. In mid-July I took an offer to join the Elance team as a College Evangelist. Elance is an online platform for freelancers to find work and I’m in charge of spreading the word to college campuses nationwide. That means my days of travel aren’t completely over (insert sigh of relief).

And, more importantly, my days of adventure aren’t over either. San Francisco is a city that inspires creativity and big dreams. What’s even better is that many of my best friends, and favorite schemers, live here so I’ve got lots of adventures up my sleeve. 

Adventures that I have more time for now that I’m not spending so much time packing and unpacking my suitcase. So be prepared for more excited updates soon. 

Cheers to a new chapter!