Megan Gebhart is the creator of 52 Cups of Coffee, a website dedicated to the power of connection. It started in 2010 as an experiment in caffeine and conversation: each week for a year she had coffee with someone she didn’t know and wrote about what she learned in the process.

Megan’s experiment led her to adventures and interviews across 29 cities and 7 countries. She interviewed a diverse set of individuals; from thought leaders like best-selling author Seth Godin and Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak to everyday folks with unexpected lessons to share: a dairy farmer, a second grader and an 86 year-old grandma who grew up during WWII. Her stories blend inspiring life stories with lessons that illustrate how finding ourselves is a journey that can last a lifetime.

Originally from Wyoming, Megan attended Michigan State University where she launched 52 Cups of Coffee the summer before her senior year. After graduating with a marketing degree  she took her coffee drinking to international levels with a five week trip to Europe. Thanks to the folks she met on her travels,a string of contract jobs the five week trip turned  into a year of traveling to 74 cities—creating an incredible number of friendships along the way.

Megan believes we live our best lives (and have the best adventures) when we surround ourselves with people and that both inspire us and shift our perspective. She believes we all have the potential to contribute something meaningful to the world, but that potential is often goes untapped. Time and time again, Megan has seen how new relationships can become the key that unlocks that potential and helps people take a giant leap toward the life they want.

A storyteller, speaker, and writer, Megan runs 52 Cups to illustrate the power of connection and encourage others to have coffee conversations of their own. She now lives in San Francisco where she helps tech companies tell their story, travels frequently (six continents and counting!), and drinks plenty of coffee. She continues to meet and profile inspiring individuals and shares those stories at both on and at conferences and colleges throughout the U.S.

You can also find her on Twitter